There is a difference between a blog and a website but it could be confusing for some to distinguish what is a blog and what is a website. There are similarities and they are many but there are also the differences that will definitely let us know their difference. There are businesses who make blog and website as one and so it may be confusing to know which is a blog and which is a website. If you are considering what would you choose to use then let us see what distinguish them.

Blogs are the ones that are being updated continuously within one week. An example is a blog made by a mother who works online and share her experiences through blogs posted three times a week or twice a week. A business can also maintain their own blog and update it frequently about its services being offered and if there are promos. Another feature of a blog is that they encourage the involvement of the reader. That is because they could be shared in the social media and more people could access it and comment on it.

They can make a discussion with the blogger. In blog also, you could be able to subscribe that is why blogs are now popular in the business sector as they can use it as a marketing tool and as a tool for information drive. You can also organize your blogs into different categories as opposed to the ones on the website where you cannot make a change.