Writing Tips and Advice from Famous Authors

For beginners in writing especially in writing books and novels, it is important to know some tips and advice from famous authors like J.K Rowling, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, John Irving and so on. Since they have a lot of experiences in writing, beginners can be inspired through them. Even if a beginner in writing have the skills and love for writing, it is not enough. Hearing some advice from your favorite writer can make a difference in your writing and also in your life.

Writing as a profession don’t necessarily follow some strict rules except for the right grammar and spelling as well as the unique idea. There are different writers out there. Some are writers of children’s book while others are writers of a novel and motivational books. In other professions like being a musician, dancer, or actor requires some rules. But for a writer, he only needs his pen and papers including his laptop or desktop computer. And when some ideas come to his mind, he will just write it down.But be aware of your eyes to be protected in radiation for your eyes. Check this internet 眼科診所 驗光 about this clinic that may help you. This is great in making your eyes to be protected with eye problems.

For writers of those who want to encourage or motivate many people, they just need to think of a very important message which they want to share to others. Life’s experiences is also needed when writing something. In that way, other people can relate to a writer’s experience. For example, if a writer had an experience of teenage pregnancy, then she can actually write her own experience about this eye cure service from this site lasiktw.com/myopia-laser/. For sure, many will read her book and that’s a good start.